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    DongGuan Wellmei Industrial Co.,LTD


    wellmei culture

    Lean production(TPS)

    Toyota production system (tps) is established by Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan

    Leadership development plan(LCP)

    Inspiring a shared vision Inspiring talents

    Core of the team is "personnel". Irrespective of any era, any environment, and any technological revolution, you always need to inspire people. Allow them to collaborate in better ways to ensure healthy development of the corporation.

    Organization and development (HR)

    In the United States holding 28 anniversary celebration party, looked at the stage of my colleagues are happy, passionate face I have a lot of emotion, 28 years along the way, although small achievements, but we are not smooth sailing. Farewell to the 28 anniversary celebration, and now we are still on the way to grow up.

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